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Name: Harley Hartwell

Harley Hartwell, known as Heiji Hattori (Hattori Heiji) in the Japanese versions, is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Case Closed (Detective Conan).

Harley is the son of Martin Hartwell (Hattori Heiz¨­) and Shizuka Hattori (Hattori Shizuka) ne¨¦ Shizuka Ikenami (Ikenami Shizuka). Both parents are expert in martial arts and very traditional Japanese at heart.

Heiji (age 17 to 18) is known as the Detective of the West (and Jimmy Kudo (Shin'ichi Kudo), the East) and has been a rival of Jimmy since "The Diplomat Murder Case" (episodes 48 and 49), where he was first introduced in the anime. However, after Harley finds out about the truth of Conan Edogawa being Jimmy Kudo in Holmes Freak Murder Case (episodes 59 and 60), the two detectives began to work together with him in solving cases.

Heiji has a childhood friend, and secret crush, by the name of Kazuha Toyama (called "Katie Thompson" in the English trading card game). His relationship with Kazuha is parallel to that of Jimmy Kudo and Rachel Moore (Ran Mori). In the seventh Detective Conan movie, Crossroads In The Ancient Capital, Harley discovers that his 'first love' from his childhood, a girl he only saw one time while on a trip to Kyoto, was actually Kazuha all along.

He is very good in kendo, and travels around on his motorcycle.

His deductive skills are from his father, who is the chief of police of the Osaka Prefectural Police Department, while his good humoured character and skill in kendo comes from his mother. His favourite fictional detective is Ellery Queen.

The name "Hattori" comes from historical figure Hattori Hanzo, a ninja of the Iga Clan from Hyogo prefecture in Western Japan. Hattori Hanzo was the head of Shogun Tokugawa's secret police force.

Harley/Heiji is voiced by Ryo Horikawa in the original Japanese and Kevin M. Connolly in the English anime.

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